Design & Development of Sub – Systems

Design Capabilities

Stress/Strain Analysis, Modal Analysis, Frequency Response Analysis, Random Response Analysis, Thermo-Elastic Studies, Structural studies coupled with Multi-Physics.

Product Capabilities

Low Mass & High stiffness structures, Vibration / Shock isolated structures, Tune Mass Damper systems, Compliant Structural Mechanisms & Thermal Control Elements, Athermalized systems, Kinematic Mounts.

Design Capabilities

Steady State Thermal analysis, Transient Thermal Analysis, Computation Fluid Dynamics, Orbital Thermal Analysis, Active Thermal Control Simulation

Product Capabilities

Athermalized system design, Passive Surface Treatment methods, Passive Surface Radiator System, Vortex cooler based system, Flexible Thermal Strap, Micro-Heat Pipe based system, Thermo-Electrically Cooled Systems, Cryo-cooled systems

Design Capabilities

Kinematic Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Linkage Design, Rigid and Flex-body analysis, Multi-physics linked mechanism optimization

Product Capabilities

6 DoF mechanism, Hold Down & Release Mechanisms, Adaptive Optics, Deployable Systems, Black Body Calibration Systems, Active/Passive Vibration damping systems, Zero – g test fixtures

Design Capabilities

Sequential/Non Sequential ray tracing, Tolerance analysis, MTF/Distortion optimization, Keystone/Smile optimization, Thermal to structural mapping and optical performance derivation, stray light analysis

Product Capabilities

Lens Assemblies, Mirror based optics, Baffles/Hoods for stray light control, Optically Butted Focal Plane Assemblies, Spectrometers, RC Telescope

Configuration & Preliminary design, Card layout design, Detailed Structural & Thermal Design, Fabrication of card and mechanical hardware, Jigs and fixture development, Assembly and T & E activities

Electronics Package and Waveguide layout design on panel, Waveguide routing and mounting design, Antenna System Mechanical Design, GSS development to support complete development cycle, Complete Integration of panels, Test & Evaluation of the system

We can do configuration design to delivery of custom electro – optic systems which involves.
Finalizing system configuration, Sensor selection, Design of refractive / reflective optics, Electronics design & development, Mechanical & Opto-Mechanical design & development, Sensitive GSS development, Integration & optimization of complete system, Test & Evaluation of the system

Electronic Packages

Fixation Devices

Adaptive Optics

6 DoF Stewart Platform

Miniature Heat Pipe Based TCS

Thermo-Electric Cooler Based Systems

Kinematic Mounts

Vibration Isolators & Damping

Waveguide Assembly with Panel

Wavefront Error reduction based Opto-Mechanical Design for High Performance Optics